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8 Standard Services Model that tailor made to specific industry that you are in.

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We not reflect a lack of decisive.  But we rather focus on innovation, how to cope with Change, Vibrant conditions, and Dynamic Human aspect.  

Privacy Knowledge Transfer

Privy provides Privacy (Thai PDPA & GDPR) Capacity Building Course for C-level in addition to Training courses for Operational & Tactical level. This initial start of Privacy management journey is essential to build the fundamental privacy compliance knowledge for company-wide to trigger the next step of their on-going BAU privacy compliance works along with company competitiveness capacity.

Privacy Competitiveness

This Privy Advisory service aims for deliver strategic compliance technique and knowledge for company to envision as well as improve their competitiveness in the industry.

Privacy Workshop

Privy Privacy Workshop is individually designed for company’s business and its use-cases. Explore, assessment, and hands-on work for company’s ROP document development as required by Thai PDPA compliance is major deliverables company can surely expect from this Privy Privacy Workshop.

Prior Consultation

Company can ask for this Privy Privacy Assessment Consultation prior the deployment/launch of its new and/or change of business/service initiative.

Virtual DPO

Privy provides outsource DPO services using world-class privacy management software as a tool together with Privy Privacy Advisory service for ‘how-to’ define compliance gap and remedial actions, if any.


This Privy Privacy Management Work Methodology advisory and hands-on services will be provided by tailored-made to company’s business in order to deliver the company’s ROP compliance by follow company’ s specific FOI designed as privacy compliance framework – from enforcement to operational.

Cookie Consent

Privy provides this specific Cookie Consent Management using world-class privacy management software as a tool for company’s online channel cookie scan, assessment review, results with corrective action advisory, cookie consent policy, design, and deployment advisory.

TOMs Advisory

This Privy Privacy Compliance Advisory service will focus on Technical & Organization Measures (TOMs) of company by starting with assessment of their ‘As-is’ measures/processes, fact-finding of compliance gap, and define ‘To-be’ to mitigate risk of compliance gap.

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Increase Competitiveness

Integrity and Accountability surely enhance trust, then could differentiate for lift-up  competitiveness of the business .

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The Privacy Experts

Proven works with real sectors both public/government and private companies prior to GDPR EIF. Now active more with local PDPA EIF consulting services.

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Best Practices

Business Target could not be compromised. Deployment best practices to achieve both business performance target and data privacy compliance is our Privy work approach to assist our clients.